Smith's Diamond Edge Electric Sharpeners - $29.88

Both models feature built-in blade guides that make honing blades easy. Soft-grip handholds and nonslip feet keep the sharpeners securely in place.Available:Two-Stage Sharpener Automatic sharpening at an affordable price. The coarse diamond wheel sharpens dull edges quickly. Hone straight- and serrated-edge blades to a razor-sharp edge with the manual, fixed-angle crossed ceramic stones. Soft-grip handhold and nonslip feet.Three-Stage Sharpener Prolong blade life with condition-specific sharpening. Set the edges of very dull blades with the coarse diamond wheels, or touch up well-used blades with the fine diamond wheels. Preset crossed ceramic stones let you manually finish straight- and serrated-edge blades. Soft-grip handhold and nonslip feet. Type: Sharpeners. Three Stage. - $29.88