Smith's Adjustable Angle Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener - Gray - $29.99

Different knives have different grind angles on their blades and that can make it difficult to find one affordable sharpener capable of sharpening almost any kind of knife. This sharpener solves that problem. Its outfitted with a dial you can set to one of six grind-angle settings from 14 to 24. This allows you to tailor the sharpening angle to the knife youre working on for optimal honing. The sharpener also has two sharpening stages, coarse and fine, for all types of straight-edged knifes and a fixed-angle slot for sharpening serrated knives. Once you set the angle, simply pull your knife through the sharpener its that easy. Replaceable abrasive components ensure lasting service. Non slip rubber feet and a soft-grip handle for safe and comfortable operation. Color: Gray. Type: Sharpeners. - $29.99