Smith's 4 Diamond Combination Sharpener - Black - $19.99

With dual sharpening surfaces, this compact, handheld sharpener has what you need for both aggressive sharpening and honing to a razors edge. Multiple layers of micron-sized monocrystalline diamonds team with a unique sharpening surface outfitted with tiny holes to collect minute metal shavings that can build up while sharpening, allowing the sharpening elements to remain clean and unobstructed. Each stone has a microtool sharpening pad and fish-hook sharpener. A soft-grip handle ensures a firm grip, and the stones store inside the handle when not in use, making this lightweight tool ideal for stowing in a pack and in-field sharpening. One side has a coarse 325-grit sharpener for aggressive sharpening and the other has a fine 750-grit surface for honing and touch ups. Stone length: 4L x 1W. Color: Black. Type: Sharpeners. - $19.99