Smith Monashee OTG Snow Goggles - $39.99

The Smith Monashee OTG snow goggles fit large faces and deliver an excellent field of vision for eyeglass wearers. OTG (over the glasses) design features an enlarged chamber that fits easily over most eyeglasses; reliefs in the temple area reduce pressure when wearing glasses under goggle. Double lenses create an insulation barrier between cold outer air and warm air inside the goggles, preventing fog formation. Fog-X(TM) antifog treatment is bonded permanently to the inner lens for optimum fog-free vision. Structural ventilation system moves air freely through the lens chamber, and a semiporous foam filters moisture and snow particles. Soft hypoallergenic foam creates a total seal around your face. Molded, dual-slide strap provides comfortable fit over the face and around the head. Clear lens tint is an ideal choice when skiing at night; allows 85% visible light transmission. The Smith Monashee OTG snow goggles fit large faces. - $39.99