Smith I/O Photochromic Snow Goggles - Men's - $235.00

These Smith I/O Photochromic snow goggles feature an adaptive lens that changes to meet light conditions, plus an easy-to-use lens interchange system and a great fit for all your riding needs. With the flip of a switch, the helmet-compatible Smith I/O Photochromic goggles can change lenses to optimize performance in all conditions. Smith Spherical(TM) series lenses allow a wide field of vision and increased volume that maximizes airflow and reduces fogging. Carbonic-X(TM) lens is molded to offer optimum scratch resistance, increased visual acuity and enhanced contrast sensitivity. Lens tapers from optical center toward the periphery and allows light rays to pass through without refraction. This tapered lens shape provides distortion-free vision for the most accurate interpretation of the terrain that lies ahead. Microporous filter attached to the outer lens increases fog resistance by automatically adjusting to elevation changes, allowing air to pass through while blocking moisture. Patented technology bonds the inner and outer lenses to prevent moisture from entering lenses while letting them breathe; 5x Anti-Fog inner lens offers superb fog protection. 3-layer face foam has a dense base to reduce hot spots, a plush middle layer and a soft fleece top layer to ensure a tight seal, manage moisture and maximize comfort. Extra-wide adjustable strap is backed with silicone grippers and comes with a clip buckle for easy on/off, even over a ski hat or helmet. Black frame color comes with Photochromic Red Sensor lens (rose tint, 50 - 20% visible light transmission (VLT)) and Red Sol-X Mirror lens (dark sienna brown tint, 17% VLT). Photochromic lens automatically changes tint darkness according to visible light levels, offering optimum optical performance in varying light conditions. Includes a microfiber storage bag with replacement lens sleeve. - $235.00