Smith Gambler Jr. Snow Goggles - Kids' - $17.83

The kid-size Smith Gambler Jr. snow goggles feature classic styling with an active lens ventilation system for enhanced, fog-free vision. Active ventilation system stops fog by evacuating moist air from inside the goggles. Fog-X(TM) antifog treatment is bonded permanently to the inner lens for optimum fog-free vision. Double lenses create an insulation barrier between cold outer air and warm air inside the goggles, preventing fog formation. Self-adjusting split ''V'' nose piece and molded, dual-slide strap provides comfortable fit over the face and around the head. RC36 lens tint combines rose and copper base tints to optimize vision in a variety of conditions. Foam membrane inside goggles reduces pressure from eyeglasses at the temples. Smith Gambler Jr. snow goggles block 100% of the sun's UVA, UVB and UVC rays. - $17.83