Smith Cosmos Junior Snow Helmet / Galaxy Snow Goggles - Boys' - $80.00

Featuring magnets that make it easy to attach goggles and keep track of them, the boys' Cosmos Jr. snow helmet and Galaxy snow goggles help protect your little skier with and high performance. Goggle strap fits securely into small notch on side of helmet; magnets automatically help bring the goggles strap into connection with the locking notch. To detach goggles, simply slide goggle strap out of helmet notch. Cosmos Jr. snow helmet features in-mold construction that bonds the liner directly to the shell to create durable strength and light weight. Airflow travels from goggles, through internal channels in the foam and out through external vents. Helmet fit system ensures easy operation and a correct fit thanks to an intuitive pinch/pull design with 3 attachment points. Fleece tricot helmet lining offers excellent insulation and a soft feel. Galaxy snow goggles feature double lenses that help prevent fogging by creating an insulation barrier between cold outer air and warm air inside the goggles. Antifog treatment is bonded permanently to the inner lens for optimum fog-free vision. Hypoallergenic face foam creates a comfortable fit without pinching. RC36 lens tint combines rose and copper base tints to optimize vision in a variety of conditions; allows 36 percent visible light transmission. - $80.00