Smith Challenger Irie Fader OTG Snow Goggles - Kids' - $14.83

The Smith Challenger Irie Fader OTG kids' snow goggles offer eyewear compatibility and a great all-around lens tint for budding mountain shredders. OTG (over the glasses) design features an enlarged chamber that fits easily over most eyeglasses; foam membrane reduces pressure from eyeglasses at the temples. Exclusive Fog-X(TM) antifog treatment is bonded permanently to the inner lens for optimum fog-free vision. Double lenses create an insulation barrier between cold outer air and warm air inside the goggles, preventing fog formation. RC36 lens tint combines rose and copper base tints to optimize vision in a variety of conditions; allows 36% visible light transmission. Smith Challenger Irie Fader OTG snow goggles block 100% of the sun's UVA, UVB and UVC rays. - $14.83