SmartWool Saturnsphere Womens Socks - $19.95

SmartWool Saturnsphere Womens Socks - A sock may be a casual item, but SmartWool makes socks more than just something casual. The Saturnsphere Socks for women are made with some impressive technology along with some impressive looks. The Saturnsphere Socks have WOW Technology, also standing for Wool on Wool. This technology adds an additional layer of SmartWool to protect the heel and forefoot against shock and abrasion. Also, these nifty socks come in handy for skiers, skaters and for the individual that likes to add color and comfort while on the slopes, ice or while outdoors. The cushion is built right in and will protect just as the supportive arch brace will provide the comfort in all of the right places. What more could you ask for in a sock than extra padding to make your feet feel out of this world? Well, this pair of Saturnsphere Socks by SmartWool will provide you with that great feeling! . Material: Wool/Synthetic Blend, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 175031 - $19.95