Slingshot Shredtown Wakeboard 135 - $313.95

Designed and tested by the notorious Shredtown crew, this shred stick is built to deliver peak performance while withstanding the most die-hard winch and rail park sessions. Featuring a smooth feel, this epic ride delivers mad pop, cushy landings and bomber durability. The rider friendly outline and continuous rocker create a high-performance shape that is ready for everyone from novices to winch masters.Key Features of the Slingshot Shredtown Wakeboard: Sizing / Rider Weight: 135 cm; 100 to 170 lbs. (45 to 77 kg , 139 cm; 140 to 230 lbs. (63 to 104 kg , 143 cm; 160 to 270 lbs. (72 to 122 kg Widths: 135 cm; Tip / Tail 27.2cm / Waist 42.9cm, 139 cm; Tip / Tail 27.9cm / Waist 43.4cm, 143 cm; Tip / Tail 28.4cm / Waist 43.9cm Rocker (Continuous : 135cm; 2.45in, 139cm; 2.65in, 143cm; 2.85in Stance Options: 135cm; 19.25 to 26.5in., 139cm; 19.25 to 26.5in., 143cm; 21.25 to 28.5in. Fins: (4 ; 6" x .75" Lucid Wake Fin Wakeboard Binding CompatibilityCan accommodate bindings with a 6in binding plate a href=" keywords=6inch_wakebind_plate_merch_grouping" found here /a . Can only accommodate a single mounting position option for Liquid Force bindings with a 8in binding plate and offers two positions for all other vendors a href=" keywords=8inch_wakebind_plate_merch_grouping" found here /a . - $313.95