Slingshot Pink Pearl Wakeboard 134 - $278.95

With a continuous rocker pattern and even flex, the 2010 Slingshot Pearl provides stable speed which reduces arm tension to keep you on the water longer. Future Response Technology (FRT) core construction brings the board to life beneath your feet, offering effortless pop and precision carving. Oh, and not to mention bunny soft landings. For all the ladies who are looking to maximize good times on the water, Slingshot offers the 2010 Pearl. Known for its effortless rideability and comfort, the Pearl delivers unmatched performance that can make any level of riding more fun. Featuring the bomber qualityDura Base makes this board a "must have" for park riding.Key Features of The Slingshot Pink Pearl Wakeboard: Future Response Technology - FRT = Lightweight, more durable core that offers controlled flex that evenly distributes an explosive energy burst when popping off the wake and on ollies, and absorbs shock on hard landings Park Ready Tune = Ability to customize the board rails to desired shape Dura Base = Most durable sliding base available Taperwall = Better edge control, added speed stability, sounder handling in rough water, and more impact resistant Continuous Rocker = Effortless pop and butter soft landings 4-Hole = Superior boot to board connection Elliptical Concave = Quicker edge to edge response Handmade by Slingshot in the USA = Precision finished product using the highest quality materials Slingshot legendary construction = Bomber quality Lifetime Rider Hotline Membership = Unsurpassed customer service - $278.95