Slime 54-Piece Tire Repair Kit - $9.88

Fix punctures and slow leaks before the tires on your bike, ATV, mower or car flatten. With this complete tire care kit, you'll be prepared for virtually any tire problem - from broken valves to missing caps. Includes:four valve coresone four-way tooleight chrome hex valve capseight plastic valve capsnine repair plugsone dual-head 10-120 psi pencil gaugeone T-handle reamer toolone T-handle plugger tool one buffer/stitcher tooleight 1-3/8" round patchestwo 3"-round patchestwo 1-3/4" TR 413 tire valvestwo 2" TR 418 tire valvesfour 1-1/2" valve extenders one tire marker one .41-oz. tube of rubber cement - $9.88