SLF Master Class Hatch Match Dubbing Dispenser - Silver - $14.88

There's no sense in jumping from fly shop to fly shop for all the correct shades and hues to match individual hatches across the country. This selection contains 30 colors designed to match specific insects during different stages of their life cycle, so you can match nearly any hatch. All 30 colors are contained in an organized dubbing box, so you always have the right colors accessible and ready to tie, whether you're at home or streamside. Synthetic Living Fibre dubs easily and brings vibrant life to your patterns. Measures: 2-3/8 L x 1-3/4 W x 2-3/16 H. The insects and colors include: Baetis - Olive (brown, green and yellow), iron blue, pale watery Heptagenia - Sulphuria nymph (yellow may) Heptagenia - Sulphuria dun emerger (yellow may) Ephemerella - (Blue wing olive) Ephemera Danica - (Mayfly) Rhyacophila Pupa - (Sand fly) Limnephilus Lunatus - (Cinnamon sedge) Isoperla - (Yellow sally) Perla - (Large stoneflies) Gammarus Pulex Shrimp - (Watery olive, breeding orange) Midge Pupa - (Black, green, claret, golden dun, red, olive orange and silver) Caddis - (Green, amber, yellow, orange and brown) Damsel Nymph - (Dark brown and light brown) Nymph - Mayfly (yellow) Color: Silver. Type: Dubbing. - $14.88