Slater's Original Jigs - YLLW/YLLW BLK/YLLW (1/32) - $1.88

Expertly handcrafted, these jigs feature durable, painted heads, quality gold hooks and plump, colorful chenille bodies. Full-bodied kip tails and dual flashing streamers. Per 3. Sizes: 1/16 oz., 1/32 oz., 1/8 oz. Colors: (001)Black/Black and Silver/Chartreuse, (002)Yellow/Yellow and Black/Yellow, (003)Blue/White and Blue/Blue, (004)Chartreuse/Black and Chartreuse/Chartreuse, (005)Charteuse/Silver/Chartreuse, (006)Orange/Black/Chartreuse, (007)Pink/Black and Pink/Pink, (008)Pink/Silver/Pink, (009)White/Silver/White. Type: Marabou Jigs. Size 1/32. Color Yllw/Yllw & Blk/Yllw. - $1.88