Slash ATV HUB Snowboard - $287.37

Legendary shredder and Slash founder Gigi Ruf is well known for his precision on a snowboard in the backcountry, so it's no surprise that his pro model ATV HUB Snowboard is designed to deliver the kind of performance Gigi expects in a board. Like a finely tuned Swiss watch, the Swiss Wood core is intricately designed and constructed to deliver specific results. When the board flexes downward, such as when boardsliding a rail, the core matrix makes the edges bend upward, reducing hangups while jibbing; when the board flexes upward, as it does during a turn, the edges flex downward for superior edge hold while carving. The result is a powerful board that charges through trees and powder fields, but doesn't mind being taken into the park, either. - $287.37