Skullcandy Vandal Speakers - $129.99

Skullcandy Vandal Speakers - True love is no longer the devil's wishbone, chokehold or ABC's. It's Skullcandy's Vandal speaker system destined to throw a padlock on other docks. From Long Beach to Camden Town. Retro-visually iconic, the new superintendant of sonic is combat rock ready for steel toe-stomping and subterranean womp-womping that'll give you the heebie-jeebies to the birds on Carnaby Street and the cats a CBGBS. When in as the Vandal. Features: Power Supply AC: 110v-240v, Remote Control Distance: 10 ft, Dimensions: (WxHxL): 39mm x 162mm x 161 mm, Driver Type: Composite. Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 249264 - $129.99