SKS X-Board Downtube Mounted Fender - $11.99

The X-Board plays the same role for your front wheel as the X-Blade does for the rear -- it's a nicely basic fender to protect you from water spray off of moist (but not water-logged) roads. It mounts in a matter of seconds to the underside of your frame's downtube with a tool-free grommet system, making it ideal for riding in areas where the roads are wet in the morning, but it's not actually rainy out. Weight with hardware is 99g, and the fender comes in Black only. For comprehensive protection from the elements, we recommend pairing the X-Board with the X-Blade.Dual compound-softspoiler material and longevity to the X-Board Robust rubber fastening straps attach securely to nearly any size downtube For all frames 24-28in - $11.99