Skratch Labs Everyday Hydration Mix - $19.50

The Everyday Hydration Mix from Boulder, Colorado-based Skratch Labs wasn't born out of a desire to fill a product gap in the increasingly crowded sports nutrition market; it was created on hotel countertops and in the kitchens of tour buses as a solution for a growing problem. The year was 2009, and Dr. Allen Lim was working for Garmin-Slipstream. His riders complained constantly of headaches and were plagued with stomach problems stemming from improper hydration. But, the problem didn't stem from not drinking enough, rather that the riders weren't putting the right fluids in their bodies, and the results were painful and immediately apparent. Unlike many sports drinks, which are formulated around electrolyte or caloric replenishment before or during exercise, the Everyday Mix focuses on a pre-emptive hydration strike to ensure your body's sodium levels are optimized before physical exertion. Lim discovered that the rampant headaches that were plaguing his whining pro riders were not induced by a lack of fluids, but from a lack of sodium -- a very typical symptom of dehydration. Essentially, your kidneys regulate fluid retention based on the body's concentration of sodium. When sodium concentration is high, your body is forced to hold on to that fluid to dilute it. But when your sodium levels get too low (ie: through sweat loss), the opposite happens and your kidneys must expel that fluid. Lim's mix is designed to keep your body's sodium balance carefully regulated, maintaining hydration while also slowing diuresis. With diuresis slowed, you'll be able to pre-hydrate and drink more before a race without needing to make those three inopportune bathroom breaks right before your call-up. - $19.50