SKORA Phase Running Shoe - Men's - $98.96

If you have your ear to the ground, you may have heard the growing buzz about Skora shoes. Their 'real running' approach has been garnering awards and glowing reviews in magazines and on blogs. You may have even taken a peek at them, but been frightened off by the price tags you've seen; don't worry, you also have the option of the Skora Men's Phase Running Shoe. Unlike its top-of-the line cousins with Pittards leather uppers, the Phase features an airy mesh upper instead. But that's essentially where the difference ends; you still get the welded construction and unique asymmetrical design, and, of course, the ground-breaking zero-drop, unibody platform that keeps things simple to allow you to run as you were meant to. As a bonus, the Phase weighs nearly an ounce less than other shoes Skora offers, and comes in at a price point that enables everyone to find out what all the fuss is about'just watch out, you might get hooked. - $98.96