Skippyfish - $2.88

Injected with the perfect blend of scent to trigger the genetic response in game fish to attack. The lifelike texture tempts fish to hold on longer. 4 and 6 models work on a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater game fish. The 2 model includes a 1/16-oz. jighead and is particularly deadly on panfish and trout. Per 8. Sizes: 2, 4, 6. Colors: (001)Gizzard Shad, (003)X-E Shad, (005)Alewife Shad, (007)Watermelon Red,(009)Baby Bass, (011)Pearl/Silver Flake, (012)June Bug, (013)Threadfin Shad, (014)Golden Shiner, (016)Watermelon Flash, (024)Silver Shiner. - $2.88