Sitka Traverse 1/2-Zip Hoodie - $132.88

Sitka merges hunting-gear technology with mountaineering philosophy. The best technology, fabrics, designs and construction create hunting gear that outperforms mere clothing. It's not just something you wear. This is a performance-driven system specifically created to be hunter-friendly. Cold-weather hunting requires layers, and the Traverse 1/2-Zip Hoodie is perfect for core-warming layering. This hoodie is an ideal option for expedition-weight base layers or midlayers. It has a wind-resistant shell, extended sleeves and a heat-trapping, odor-resistant lining. OptiFade camouflage from W.L. GORE is the first and only concealment system scientifically designed around the way a hunter's prey views the world. It's the only concealment system to combine a symmetry-disrupting macropattern with the fractal-geometry-based micropattern designed to become nothing in the eyes of prey at engagement ranges of 20 meters and beyond. Imported. Size: M-2XL.Camo patterns: OptiFade Concealment Forest, OptiFade Concealment Open Country. - $132.88