Sitka Men's Timberline Pants Regular - Optifade (38) - $169.88

Sitka has developed a system of hunting gear, merging the latest technology together with a mountaineering philosophy. The best technology, fabrics, designs and construction create hunting gear that outperforms mere clothing. Its not just something you wear. This is a performance-driven system specifically created to be hunter-friendly. Waterproof, breathable seats and knees, removable knee pads and an athletic fit for mobility. Optifade camouflage from W.L. GORE is the first and only concealment system ever scientifically designed around the way a hunters prey views the world. Its the only concealment system to combine a symmetry disrupting macropattern with the fractal-geometry-based micropattern designed to become nothing in the eyes of prey at engagement ranges of 20 meters and beyond. Imported. Even waist sizes: 32 (Inseam: 31), 34-38 (Inseam: 32). Color/Camo pattern: OptiFade Concealment Open Country, Lead, Moss. Size: 38. Color: Optifade. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. Pattern: Camouflage. - $169.88