Sims LimbSaver Ultra Max/Everlast Combos - Green - $3.88

Outfit your bow with a complete set of LimbSavers most popular and effective dampening accessories. They are made using next-generation Navcom material that dampens noise and vibration faster and more efficiently than ever. Engineered with a low profile and six independent sections, lightweight UltraMax LimbSavers reduce noise by up to 20db and dampen vibration by up to 80%. Installs easily with industrial-strength 3M adhesive. Everlast string leeches stop string oscillation and noise by up to 90%. They are extremely durable and simple to install. Kit includes: Two UltraMax LimbSavers and two Everlast string leeches. Available: Green, Red, Black, Camo. Color: Green. Type: Bow Tuning & Maintenance. - $3.88