Sims LimbSaver Split Limb AlphaShox - Camo - $19.99

A revolutionary new design in the world of vibration control, Sims new AlphaShox cancel sound and recoil with a full 10 linear inches of NAVCOM material. While designed to fit snugly in the 3/4 spacing on all split-limb Hoyt bows, they will fit most manufacturers split limbs. The ridges on these sleek, low-profile dampeners increase shot-deadening surface area and create nodes that nullify shock independently. And because installation is easy and requires no tools, you can have a quieter, smoother, more accurate shot in just a few seconds. Integrated Camo. Per 2. Length: 2.48 Weight: 37 grams. Color: Camo. Type: Dampeners. - $19.99