Sims LimbSaver Mini S-Coil Stabilizer - Camo - $17.99

The same proven LimbSaver shot-deadening performance as the original S-Coil, in a more compact design. The new Mini S-Coil demolishes vibration and sound using Sims Navcom material, and does it for a fraction of the cost of most stabilizers. Its size allows it to fit in most bow cases without disassembly. It makes traversing thick, tight woods and brush easier, too. Its ridged design dramatically increases the surface area of the energy-absorbing material and creates nodes that cancel shock independently. This means you get big-time recoil and noise reduction from a short, lightweight package. Durable integrated camo. Length: 3-1/2. Weight: 3.6 oz. Color: Camo. Type: Hunting/Target Stabilizers. - $17.99