Signal Hail and Style Snowboard Tool - $44.95

The forward-thinking, creative minds over at Signal teamed up with renowned pocket-tool maker Leatherman to create the Hail and Style Snowboard Tool. It is actually two separate tools that work together to cover any needs you could have while snowboarding, or for pretty much any other time for that matter. The Style is a classic Leatherman-style tool that folds out to reveal pliers, and it also equipped with spring-action needlenose pliers and a wire cutter, as well as scissors, tweezers, a nail file, and a carabiner that doubles as a bottle opener. The Style fits perfectly in the middle of the Hail, which functions as a large carabiner complete with a wax scraper, a lace assist, a #3 flat/Phillips screwdriver, and a 10mm wrench so you can use it on your skateboard come summertime. - $44.95