SIGMA SPORT BC1909 STS Heart Rate / Cadence Computer - Wireless - $99.99

The SIGMA SPORT BC1909 STS Heart Rate / Cadence bike computer offers speed, cadence and heart rate calculations-all wirelessly! BC1909 is for all fitness-minded cyclists who place particular emphasis on heart rate and calories; it's equipped with a heart rate zone display and an optic zone alarm. Calculates actual heart rate, average heart rate and maximum heart rate, plus calorie consumption. Temperature display. Shows current and average cadence and a comparison of current and average speed. Total distance and total ride time for Bike 1, Bike 2 and Bike 1 + 2 (not shown while riding). Programmable trip section counts up and counts down. Adjusts for 2 different wheel sizes with automatic recognition of second bike; compatible with bladed spokes. 4 ergonomic and easy-to-reach buttons means the computer is simple to use while riding; backlight optimizes readability at night. Choose from 7 language settings. When battery starts to run out, a corresponding warning appears on the display; all presettings and total values remain intact when battery is changed. Batteries are included with the SIGMA SPORT BC1909 STS Heart Rate / Cadence bike computer, but not installed. Data Center Software (not included) allows manual data input to your PC from each trip for detailed evaluation. - $99.99