SIGMA SPORT BC 16.12 Cadence Bike Computer - Wireless - $100.00

Train smarter with Sigma Sport BC 16.12 Wireless Cadence bike computer and use the data to track improvements and changes so you can optimize your training and make the most of your time. 2 adjustable wheel sizes with automatic recognition of second bike so you can share information between two bikes during training. Automatic start/stop lets you forget about the clock and focus on your ride; total time recorded for each bike as well as combined. Trip distance displayed and total distance is recorded but not shown while riding; total distance recorded for each bike, as well as combined. Distinct time function allows you to manually start and stop the timer; clock display also available. Display readings include current temperature, current speed, average speed, maximum speed and a comparison of current and average speeds. Display options include current and average cadence. 7 available languages. Includes storage chip as a backup function so you don't ever lose data during battery changes. Low-battery indicator helps you replace the battery before it runs out in the middle of a ride. Features watertight casing with tool-free installation. Sigma Sport BC 16.12 Wireless Bike Computer includes 1 CR2032 battery. - $100.00