Sidi T3.6 Men's Shoes - $349.95

In a triathlon, every second counts. However, while most seconds are earned in the pain cave, some seconds are lost to human error, and some are simply purchased. Lucky for you, the Sidi T3.6 Shoes cover you on all fronts. With a new design, transitions are simplified with the T3.6's ease-to-use entry and exit system, and your efforts are maximized from its carbon sole and conforming design. And to top things off, the T3.6 is Speedplay-specific, so you don't have to bolt-on wasted weight from adapters. If you've already landed here, we acknowledge that you don't need selling on the powers of Speedplay. However, not all Speedplay shoe configurations boast the same host of benefits as the Sidi T3.6 shoes, so both parties will benefit from the following. Because of Speedplay's direct-bolt cleat design, Sidi was able to create the T3.6 without a base plate. This results in a reduced stack height of 4mm, an additional aft adjustment of 6mm, and a 62g installed weight reduction from the standard T3 design. How does this translate to race day' Well, the reduced stack height allows you to lower your saddle position and center of gravity. So, you not only gain a more direct power transfer to the pedals, but your aerodynamic position is now more streamlined with the bike. In fact, Speedplay actually states that this provides a 33 seconds per hour savings while using its pedals. From a purely functional standpoint, we can agree that rigidity is key. That's why Sidi uses a multi-step system to ensure that your power output receives a minimal amount of dissipation through the interaction of the shoe and the pedal. To achieve this, Sidi incorporated its new Eleven Carbon Composite sole. Now, don't think that this is anything like the Millennium 3 composite sole. The Eleven uses a 3K carbon fiber weave that's been inset into a carbon infused nylon matrix. - $349.95