Sidi Genius 6.6 Vent Carbon Shoes - $379.95

Comparing the Genius 6.6 Vent Carbon Shoes to Sidi's flagship Wire shoe, you're bound to uncover numerous shared design features. You'll find the same carbon fiber sole, the same adjustable Heel Security System (HSS), and an identical intake vent system. In fact, the two really only part ways on a few points-- aesthetics, a closure system, and price. Hailed as Ivan Basso's favorite shoes, the Genius 6.6 features a more traditional exterior design than the Wire. This is most apparent when examining the shoes most predominant aesthetic features, the closure system. In lieu of the Wire's Techno 3 buckle system, the 6.6 opts for Sidi's tried-and-true, two-way ratcheting Caliper Buckle. Assuredly, you've seen the Caliper Buckle imitated by lesser shoemakers, however, this design was invented by Sidi decades ago. The system allows for incremental adjustments, either pre-ride or on-the-fly, and it's further complimented by Sidi's take on two hook-and-loop straps. Not your standard Velcro, these two volume-controlling straps feature Sidi's patented High Security Velcro. So, you'll never experience any fraying, wear, or loosening of the Velcro over any period of time. Together, as a system, the three-point closure system ensures that you get the perfect fit every single time that you buckle up for a ride. And for those who prefer as snug a fit as possible, the shoe's tongue and instep strap have both been padded generously to allow for supreme comfort with tight buckles. As we stated, the Genius 6.6 shares the same sole as the Wire. Based off of the Ergo 3, the 6.6 sole features the superlative vented carbon fiber. It shares the same construction method that Sidi developed with its Carbon Lite sole, yet Sidi has removed around 38 grams in the process. Even with the weight savings, you'll get the same kind of stiffness and razor sharp power transfer you've grown to expect from Sidi. And like Garneau's Ergo Air system, the vent inlet is at the toe. - $379.95