Sidas Stability 3D Insoles - $29.89

Sidas Stability 3D Insoles - Add a little more support for those tired feet of yours with the Sidas Stability 3D Insole Footbed. Its EVA Shell ensures you have plenty of stability and will actually help align your body so that you can maintain your body and walk the way people were intended to. Now if you're doing a lot of walking around or your feet are seating up there's the chance of some foot odor. Don't worry, these Sidas Stability 3D Insole Footbeds are equipped with an anti-bacterial bamboo top cover which is designed to reduce foot odor. The 3D Insoles also help to absorb shocks and reduce fatigue so you'll always be performing at your very best. . GTIN: 3661267024504, Model Number: 32689261, Product ID: 313437, Model Year: 2014 - $29.89