Shooter's Choice Synthetic All-Weather High-Tech Grease - Stainless - $7.99

All-weather protection for your firearm's moving parts, formulated to endure in the most grueling environments. Prevents metal damage to delicate actions, frame rails, shotgun hinges and hardware, and bolt-action locking lugs. It's odorless for stealth-conscious hunters. Packaged in a precision syringe applicator that lets you apply it quickly and easily to hard-to-reach places. The grease clings to metal surfaces so it won't fly off fully automatic weapons. Works in extreme temperatures from -65 to more than 350. This high-tech product doesn't gum-up or melt when the heat is on, or stiffen when temperatures drop. Works with nickel, stainless and chrome moly. Also great for use on compound bows, fishing tackle, marine mechanisms, sports equipment and around the home or shop. Made in USA. Size: 10 ml. Color: Stainless. - $7.99