Shockles Mini-Shockles - 24" - $14.95

Looking for a better bungee cord or a heavy-duty bungee cord? Mini-Shockles are a great alternative to a bungee cord. Mini-Shockles are great for dozens of uses around your home, workshop, boat or any other outdoor application. Strong, secure and versatile, Mini-Shockles attach things, hold things down, and stop stress, shock loading and vibration. You'll find dozens of uses for the Mini-Shockles and will begin to wonder what you ever did without them! Use for tying down luggage and gear on your car top rack, secure bicycles on back of car or in pickup truck bed. Use at the camp site or to lash down gear on your canoe or kayak. Made from tough U.S.-made shockcord and covered with 100% nylon webbing for complete sun- and abrasion-resistance from end to end. The outer sheath is load-bearing and prevents the elastomer from stretching to its breaking point. Anodized aluminum, marine-grade carabiners at either end have stainless-steel gate pins and prevent Mini-Shockles from popping off. - $14.95