Shimano Waxwing - Stainless Steel (88 MM) - $17.99

These groundbreaking sub-surface jigs swim in a zigzag pattern and feature an erratic kicking action that provokes strikes. Its hydrodynamic design features an upper wing for side-to-side motion and a lower wing that prevents rolling. Stainless steel wire-through-body construction for lasting durability. UV-reactive lateral line. Owner double hook. Point your rod tip straight at the lure during retrieves for best results. Per each. Sizes: 118mm, 4-2/3, 1.5 oz.; 88mm, 3-1/2, .9 oz. Colors: (613)Sardine, (644)Mackerel, (651)Live Squid, (668)Bunker, (675)Pink/White, (699)Black/Gold, (712)Bone, (729)Chrome. Size: 88 MM. Color: Stainless Steel. Type: Saltwater Jigs. - $17.99