Shimano Ultegra PD-6700 SL Pedal - $139.99

Not surprisingly, Shimano did not make any design changes to Ultegra pedals when they upgraded the PD-6620-S SPD-SL pedal to the PD-6700s. To make changes, they'd probably have to re-vamp their entire pedal line-up. Besides, the pedal is pretty good already. The only change they made was updating the finish so it fits in with the finish on all the other components in the new Ultegra group. As with the previous iteration, it's the same steel-spindled, aluminum bodied pedal with the composite cleat retention bar. The spring tension is adjustable. Each pedal runs on two sets of ball bearings. There is a steel plate atop the pedal so cleat rub will wear the plate without damaging the rest of the body. The pedal comes with the same SM-SH11 floating cleat (the one with the yellow wear tabs). The float is three degrees either way. Stack height is 13.7mmThe pedals come with a pair of cleats and mounting hardware. - $139.99