Shimano Ultegra CN-6700 Chain - $49.95

The Shimano Ultegra CN-6701 Chain has plate shaping that mirrors the more expensive 7901 Dura-Ace Chain, therefore the performance is, for all practical purposes, identical. You'll get the same crisp lightning-fast shifts thanks to Shimano's asymmetrical design. Here's how the Ultegra differs from the Dura-Ace -- weight and finish. Rather than having perforated inner and outer plates, only the inner plates on the 6701 Chain have been relieved of excess material. The link pins are also solid where the Dura-Ace chain uses lighter hollow pins. These differences account for the 15g difference between the chains. This Ultegra level chain also lacks the nickel plated inner links of the Dura-Ace model. Granted it's not as shiny in the box as the more expensive chain, but if you keep it properly lubricated and maintained, it should last just as long. Shimano was the first company to build an asymmetrical chain. The point of it all was to decrease the workload to get the chain to climb to the next biggest cog in the back or bigger chainring in the front. Their efforts also produced a chain that does this faster. So lighter and faster shifting, with less potential for chainsuck -- we like that.With the asymmetrical chain design, it is of utmost importance to install the chain as instructed. This way, the beveling and overall shape of each inner and outer link can perform as designed. These new plate shapes mesh together with the Ultegra chainrings and cassette with unprecedented precision -- reducing mechanical drag (which, behind aero drag, is the greatest enemy to your efficiency.) The net effect is smoother and quieter shifting, no matter the conditions.The Shimano Ultegra CN-6701 Chain is compatible with the Shimano 10-speed drivetrains. It uses the same tried-and-true connector pin that Shimano has relied on for so long (pin included). - $49.95