Shimano SH-R107 Men's Shoes - $120.00

Contemporary logic tells us that we need to refinance the house in order to invest in a quality pair of cycling shoes. And if weren't for Shimano, that might be true. However, with new developments like the SH-R107 Shoes, you get in the weight ballpark of Shimano's top-end offerings, carbon composite outsoles, and unparalleled adjustability. You're probably wondering what's so new in the world of Shimano. Well, how about Shimano's newly developed Dynalast technology. Basically, this played an integral role in Shimano's achievement of placing 'power to the pedal.' With a carbon fiber composite outsole, efficiency is increased while still allowing a calculated level of flex. This is possible due to the sole's variable stiffness and density that accommodates the movements of the arch. Also new to Dynalast is something that we haven't seen before, a hollow channeled carbon outsole. This design is multifunctional -- increasing surface area, heightening rigidity, and concurrently, decreasing weight. Dynalast has also helped in the redesign the heel cup of the R107. Now, it features a reinforced cup that contributes to an increased level of stability, while also strengthening the shoe's hold on the foot. This is essential, as most pedaling efficiency is lost from heel slippage. Furthering this power transfer are the R170's securing straps. The shoes feature two asymmetric, hook-and-loop straps that allow you to control the shoes' internal volume. Shimano has given these a broad, angular, and offset design that makes them simple to grab and adjust while in the saddle, should you need to make any on-the-fly adjustments. Controlling the overall tightness and security is a Shimano micro-adjust, ratcheting buckle. This system allows you make incremental adjustments with an elongated ratchet fixture. And when examining all three straps, it becomes obvious that they all work in unison with the R170's anatomic, Dynalast last design. - $120.00