Shimano Saragosa Spinning Reel - $299.99

Shimano converged powerful performance together with the ultimate components availableto give you the Saragosa. Out-of-the-box smoothness from cold-forged aluminumwith Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement. The five-component Propulsion LineManagement System prevents line twists, knots and backlash. Depending on the model,you'll get five or six Shielded A-RB ball bearings for smooth casting and high-speed retrieves.There's no anti-reverse switch thanks to the Stopperless Design. Tough and ruggedaluminum frame. Graphite rotor on most models (aluminum on 14000 and 18000).Power Roller III Line Roller reduces twists caused by repetitive casting and retrieving.S-Arm cam keeps line in contact with line roller. One-piece bail wire reduces friction byallowing line to travel unimpeded to line roller. The Aerowave Oscillation (4000-8000 only)produces a perfect line lay on the die-cast aluminum spool, while the Aerowrap Oscillation (14000 and 18000 only) prevents loss of energy for longer casts. The machined-aluminum handle threads into the drive mechanism to eliminate play andincrease transmission of power. Dyna-Balance eliminates wobble during retrieve.Fluidrive II increases the efficiency of the retrieve for more power with less effort. The coldforgedaluminum spool, drilled spool skirt and titanium spool lip are built with ruggeddependability. 100% waterproofdrag and easy accessdrag washers. Nonslip Septon handle grips and ergonomichandle - $299.99