Shimano E-Tube Di2 System Check and Programmer SM-PCE1 - $225.00

With the E-Tube Di2 System Check and Programmer, you have the ability to precisely tune and oversee the way your electronic Shimano drivetrain reacts when you touch the shift levers. The project software downloads directly to your computer, giving you the ability to customize, check, and update your entire groupset. Shimano designed the system with a straightforward operating procedure. Simply plug specific components of your Di2 group into a computer running the E-Tube software, and then program various features of the drivetrain. For example, you can program the multi-shift, the orientation of the shifters (left can shift rear derailleur if you desire), check for system issues within/between components, as well as update the firmware in your series of components. Within the multi-shift setting, it's possible to program two or three shifts at a time at five different speed settings. This means that you can create a completely custom shifting experience setup from your personal computer. The E-Tube Di2 System Check and Programmer provides you with a user name, password and website address to download the E-Tube Project software. The system works with Di2 6770 and Di2 9070 groupsets. - $225.00