Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Saltwater Fly Line Mist Yellow - $69.88

Sharkskinis one of the most innovative fly lines ever made by Scientific Anglersand is a true revolution in fly-line design. You won't believe how well this fly line performs until you take it out and start casting. Microreplicated structures in the line reduce friction, improve flotation, boost durability and repel water. When it comes time to shoot line, Sharkskin delivers effortless distance by reducing friction through the rod guides. The microtextured coating increases surface area and repellency, allowing the line to sit higher on the water. This improved water shedding also makes for effortless mending. Patented Advanced Shooting Technology (AST) chemistry combined with the line texture strengthen the coating durability. The textured surface also disperses light and reduces the chance of spooking fish. - $69.88