Shakespeare Hide-A-Hook Combo - $14.88

Between untangling line, pulling off weeds and dodging hooks, taking kids fishing can be a little short of the usual relaxing time spent fishing. The innovative Hide-A-Hook system secures a pre-rigged, weighted jighead inside the body cavity of the bobber. Once the line is cast into the water, the jighead sinks out of the bobber and into open waters. On the retrieve, the jighead retracts back into the bobber, making it a weedless experience. Comes with a 5-foot, two-piece rod; a Size 6 spincast reel pre-spooled with 6-lb. line; two pre-rigged Hide-A-Hook bobbers; four jigheads; four bobber stoppers; one hard tackle box; and a rigging guide. - $14.88