Sevylor Colossus Inflatable Boats - $89.99

Ever get sunk right after buying and inflating a raft? Sevylor has built a series ofrafts with a patented AirtightSystem that they guarantee not to leak! The Airtight System starts with an exclusive Double Lock Valve that locks air in twice. Valve opens extra-wide for quick and easy inflation and deflation. Incorporated into this design is a PVC layer that is 15% more puncture-resistant than the leading brand. A sturdy coil design adds more strength, firmness and comfort than beam construction. Weight Capacity: 680 lbs.. Type: Inflatable Boat. Oars: 2. Model: 3-person. Material: 20-1/2-gauge PVC. Length: 8'5". Beam: 3'10". Three Person. - $89.99