Severne Turbo Windsurf Sail 6.5 Black/Red - $439.95

The TURBO combines low end power and acceleration with light handling and blistering top end speed with control. It is an easy choice for a recreational windsurfer looking for a user-friendly, twin cam performance sail. Based on the Element platform but designed with our homogenous batten concept, we have maintained the test-winning characteristics whilst increasing the wind range, acceleration and top speed. It is easy to rig with 2 roller cams and is not rigging critical, unlike a full race sail. The rotation is effortless and the lightweight monofilm construction is simple to maneuver. Key Features of the Severne Turbo Windsurf Sail 6.5: Twin Cam Freeride Powerful, locked-in feel Lightweight and alive Soft performance from a cam sail Positive rotation Monofilm construction for a crisper rig response and a lighter feel X-ply perimeter for durability Aramid Torsion Frame - a Kevlar perimeter for maximum strength Stabilizer Panel - Designed to hold the 3D shaping of this critical area, reducing the vertical stretch of the sail and producing a more stable foil shape when the sail is under load Dropped Clew - Allows shorter boom lengths to be used resulting in a more direct feel. Dual Clew Positions - Allows the rider to fine tune the rig to his requirements Seamless Foot Construction - Pro-tect hidden seam load patches Size: 6.5 Luff: 456 Boom: 190 Battens: 6 Head: ADJ Weight: 4.49 Recommended Mast: Severne 430 - $439.95