Severne S1 Windsurf Sail 4.3 White/Red - $403.16

The S-1 is light, maneuverable and technical redefining progressive performance and instant response. It is built using very latest Severne material technology and new school shaping. With a flatter profile, tighter skin tension and maneuver biased geometry, the S-1 responds at light speed. This allows for precision placement of the rig in any wave or freestyle maneuver. To promote weight loss, the S-1 is stripped back maintaining only the essential technology and materials creating the lightest Severne sail. Key Features of the Severne S1 Windsurf Sail 4.3: Light and maneuverable. Flatter profile and tighter skin tension Biased towards maneuver orientated wave and freestyle CONTROL ZONE: e5 Technora upper body with reduced film thickness for the ultimate in weight saving technology. For the absolute best response, maneuverability and minimal swing weight POWER ZONE: KS Optic X-ply upper window panel for no compromise visibility and durability IMPACT ZONE: HD Dyneema X-ply foot and clew panel for bombproof durability Radial head panel - perfect load alignment allowing for the very lightest materials to be used in the head Aramid Torsion Frame - a Kevlar perimeter for maximum strength. Heavy Duty 25mm double stitched window and impact area for increased durability Seamless foot construction - the most durable design. Resulting in zero seam creep or seam related failure Dual clew positions - higher for more leverage, maneuverability and taller riders, lower for more control and shorter riders Size: 4.3 Luff: 388 Boom: 158 Battens: 5 Head: ADJ Weight: 2.80 Recommended Mast: Severne 370 Wave - $403.16