Sessions Shane Ski Jacket Lunar Grey - Men's - $201.56

This Sessions Ski Jacket is perfect for a day out on the slopes. The Goretex material it is made out of is extremely durable. The outer shell of the jacket will keep out any moisture while also being breathable so you don't overheat while you're skiing. The waterproof zippers ensure not a single drop of water will get through your jacket. The flow through venting and insulation combine to keep you warm but not overheat. The large pockets are perfect for storing any of your belongings or valuables while you're out on the slopes. This a great jacket that combines comfort, style and versatility.Key Features of The Sessions Shane Ski Jacket: Gore Tex Fixed Hood Fixed Snap Away Suspension Storm Skirt Waterproof Zippers Flow Through Venting RECCO GORE TEX 3 Layer Fabric 100% Polyester - $201.56