Sentry Dog Healthcare Products - $4.99

Purchase affordable medication without an expensive visit to the veterinarian. Products treat a variety of different conditions quickly and cost-effectively. Available: Anti-Diarrhea Pleasant-tasting, fast-acting liquid alleviates upset stomachs. Size: 4 oz. Earmite Free Eliminates mites and ticks from your dogs ears. Also relieves itching. Size: 3 oz. Medicated Shampoo Soap-free shampoo uses tea tree oil to relieve itching and flaking while also eliminating excess oil from your dogs coat. Size: 18 oz. Sterile Eye Wash Mild, painless formula flushes away eye irritants; soothes and moisturizes dry eyes. Size: 4 oz. 2-in-1 Ear Cleaner Cleans dirt, wax and damaged tissue from ears; eliminates head shaking and ear scratching. Easy-application nozzle included. Size: 4 oz. Type: Pet Health. - $4.99