SenDEC Tachometer and Hour Meter - $21.88

Take the guesswork out of maintaining your outboard engine. Monitor the total run time of your outboard motor with the Tachometer, and keep track of the RPM of your engine with the Hour meter from SenDEC. Easy to install, the Tachometer and Hour Meter have a Flash Alert function to remind you to lube and change your engine oil. The lube alert occurs every 25 hours, while the change oil alert occurs every 100 hours. Actual maintenance intervals may vary by manufacturer, so you should read your owners manual to know the recommended service interval. Available: The Tachometer shows your actual engine RPMs. The Tach works on any single cylinder, 2 or 4-stroke engine up to 9,000 RPMS, and it works on most twin-cylinder, non-marine applications and many twin cylinder marine applications. The Hour meter tracks total run time of any gas powered equipment. The unit connects to the spark plug wire with a single connection and requires no external power. The hour meter is fully epoxy encapsulated making it resistant to shock and vibration and also completely waterproof. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. Type: SenDEC Tach and Tach/Hour Meters. - $21.88