Selle San Marco Regale Saddle - $210.00

The Selle San Marco Regale Racing saddle is another modernized version of a timeless classic, the Regal. Its design and shaping hold true to the original Regal, but instead of the carbon fiber found on the Regale Carbon FX, the Regale Racing uses Xsilite alloy rails. They're a bit lighter than the old titanium rails, while maintaining the strength of Ti. The shell is nylon and has what Selle San Marco calls a Core Zone. Its a portion of the shell that is designed to flex and conform to your body for added comfort. Like the old Regal, the Regale Racing offers up support and comfort and is nicely flat across the top. The Biofoam padding places gel inserts at the pressure points for the sit bones. They provide support without encumbering movement at the pelvis during each pedal stroke. The Microfeel cover is durable, yet breathable and is stitched to abrasion resistant rear corners. And in a nod to tradition, it still uses rivets on the rear to pin down the cover. The Regale Racing is available in two colors -- Black/Black and White/Black. The claimed weight is 220 grams.Regal's Core-zone is a special double injection that allows the shell to deform itself slightly, adding comfort without compromising the shell's strength BioFoam padding reduces weight over conventional synthetic padding and maintains its form over long periods of time Xsilite rails offer a strength-to-weight ratio higher than that of titanium alone Microfeel cover is durable enough to outlast your favorite carbon frame - $210.00