Selle Italia SLR XC Flow Saddle - $141.40

As one of our best-selling saddles ever, the Selle Italia SLR finds its way onto both road and mountain bikes. This SLR XC Flow Saddle is a mountain bike specific version that employs a few unique details that make it optimum for off-road usage.For starters, the SLR's semi-flat profile offers up good support for your sit bones, and it allows easy movement fore and aft, should the terrain demand a quick weight shift to avoid a mishap or to maintain good traction. The middle section of the XC Flow Saddle has a cut out, hence the Flow naming convention -- as in blood flow. It's designed to relieve pressure on your soft parts. In the same vein, Selle Italia uses their Perfect Fit self-modeling foam. It gives way to conform to your shape, even changing as the terrain dictates that you move about on the saddle. A Lorica cover graces the top, and as durable and scuff resistant as it is, the SLR XC Flow gets Kevlar scuff guards on the wings to prevent it getting torn or damaged when you inevitably hit the ground. Underneath, an injection molded nylon shell is comprised of 30% carbon fiber, and, as SLR saddles are known, it's flexible enough to also conform to your rear end over the course of a season. The shell sits atop Vanox tube rails. They're durable, corrosion resistant, and can be safely used with any saddle clamp design.The Selle Italia SLR XC Flow Saddle is available in Black and White. It measures 131mm wide and 275mm long. - $141.40