Selle Italia SLR TT Saddle - $192.00

Where the SLR T1 Saddle, with its abundantly padded nose, is a focused attempt to lessen the discomfort you'd experience in a time trial, this Selle Italia SLR TT Saddle is actually a standard road saddle. There's no contortion of the shell, nor is there exaggerated foam or gel along the nose. What you get is a quite standard SLR shell with its 30% carbon construction. It's light, minimalist, and happens to be one of our best selling saddle shapes ever. And in this case, TT doesn't refer to time trial. Instead it means that the saddle is supported on tubular titanium rails. Like all SLR saddles, the SLR TT has a semi-flat profile that offers up good support for your sit bones. It allows easy movement fore and aft should the need arise to get into an aerodynamic tuck and hammer down in a breakaway. The shell is injection molded nylon including 30% carbon fibers that provide a huge increase in strength while adding virtually zero weight. This way, the shell can be thinner and engineered for greater flex than a solid nylon shell. Covering the shell, Selle Italia uses lightweight EVA foam. It offers ample support and conforms to your rear end over the course of a season for a perfect fit. Full Grain Leather is given the nod for the topsheet. It's durable and hard to beat for comfort and aesthetics.The Selle Italia SLR TT Saddle is 131mm wide and 275mm long. It's available in Black, Black/blue, Black/red, Black/green, and White/silver. - $192.00